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Jue, 15/12/2016 - 12:14 | etsamadrid
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Colloque international L'énergie des marées, hier, aujourd'hui, demain

This call for papers and/or posters aims to address the way tidal energy was or is exploited by man regardless of the era or place. Let us begin by specifying that the papers will be about ‘potential’ tidal energy, i.e. based on the difference in water height on both sides of a causeway or dam as with tide mills or tidal power stations. Also, we will not concentrate on the exploitation of kinetic energy from tides which uses tide currents similar to offshore water-current turbines, even if they may be brought up in a paper for informative or comparative purposes. Although the committee deliberately chose to not focus on kinetic energy, that does not mean it is less interesting on the whole, and its presence in the energy mix of any territory is certainly positive and recommended. This form of energy presents undeniable advantages, for example bringing power to isolated populations such as island communities. One reason for setting it aside is that, contrary to ‘potential’ tidal energy, it is a very recent means of producing energy, which would therefore exclude inquiries related to history or archeology. Also, as they are permanently underwater, water-current turbines make surrounding land management and planning superfluous. They do not contribute, or only very little, to the land-sea relationship under consideration here, with issues related to architecture, surrounding landscape and land management, or usage along the coastlines. Another reason is that ‘potential’ tidal energy is radically different according to location and time. Some countries, once pioneers in the matter as France was, do not, or no longer support it even though it is the best-controlled renewable marine energy, and, at the moment, one of the most profitable per installed megawatt. Other countries are betting on this technology (South Korea, United Kingdom…) now more than ever before. Why should a country subject to tides choose between potential energy and kinetic energy? Wouldn’t the presence of both at the heart of an energy mix be preferable?

deadline for submitting proposed papers: 13 February 2017

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